Property Name
Close Date
Approx. List Price
12262 Hwy 105 E, Conroe, TX2020-02-28Listing$250,000
311 Main St, Spring, TX2020-02-28Listing$250,000
15810 Rabon Chapel Rd, Montgomery, TX2020-02-28Purchase$500,000
22 Acres FM 1774, Plantersville, TX2020-02-28Listing$1,200,000
2 Whispering Pines, Magnolia2019-12-30Purchase$600,000
610 N Loop 336 E, Conroe2020-01-17Lease$5000/mo
814 Honea Egypt #104, Magnolia, TX2019-12-01Lease$1500/mo
1.2 Acre Fritz Ln, Spring, TX2019-11-01Lease$750/mo
18305 Hwy 105 E, Cleveland, TX2019-10-31Purchase$100,000
6617 Dixie Dr, Houston, TX2019-10-22Listing$495,000
419 E Hufsmith (warehouse), Tomball, TX2019-10-01Lease$1,500/mo
1303 E Hufsmith Rd, Tomball2019-11-01Lease$4,100/mo
32906 Tamina Rd, Magnolia2019-10-07Lease$5,000/mo
610 N Loop 336 E, Conroe2019-09-23Lease$9.60/SF/yr
4050 FM 1488, Conroe, TX2019-08-01Lease$18/SF/yr
4.5 Acres, Foster Dr, Conreo, TX2019-09-27Listing$350,000
1725 Hughes Landing, The Woodlans, TX2019-08-01Lease$70,000/yr
50 Acres, Magnolia, TX2019-07-01Purchase$3,100,000
1742 Ed Kharbat, Conroe, TX2019-06-05Listing$250,000
1115 Chateau Woods Parkway Dr, Conroe, TX2019-06-01Lease Listing$33,000/yr
1623 S Cherry St, Tomball, TX2019-05-30Listing$795,000
6125 FM 1960 W2019-05-21Listing$495,000
33302 Coe Ln, Magnolia, TC2019-04-12Purchase$360,000
16755 Hwy 105 E, Conroe, TX2019-04-01Lease Listing$18,000/yr
814 Honea Egypt, Ste 106, Magnolia, TX2019-04-01Lease Listing$8,500/yr
4330 FM 1488, Conroe, TX2019-03-18Listing$950,000
1.34 AC FM 2978/Durango Creek Dr, Magnolia, TX2019-02-11Purchase$905,000
4404 Garrow St, Houston, TX2019-02-06Listing$495,000
1208 S Fraizer St, Conroe, TX2019-01-01Lease$34,000/yr
18620 King Rd, Tomball, TX2018-12-20Both$450,000
21303 Kuykendahl Rd Ste A, Spring, TX2018-12-10Lease$72,000/yr
814 Honea Egypt, Ste 1032018-12-01Lease$19,000/yr
32403 Tamina Rd, Magnolia, TX2018-09-01Lease$13,500/yr
Windcrest Plaza, Magnolia, TX2018-12-01Lease$27,000/yr
18007 Mueschke Rd, Cypress, TX2018-10-10Purchase$848,000
32906 Tamina Rd, Magnolia, TX2018-11-01Both64,800/yr
1115 FM 1485, Conroe, TX2018-09-11Listing$375,000
8908 Dowdell Rd, Tomball, TX2018-08-27Purchase$599,000
12801 I-45 S, Willis, TX2018-08-27Listing$1,175,000
1485 Blake Rd, Conroe, TX2018-07-17Listing$750,000
2202 Timberloch Pl #100, The Woodlands, TX2018-06-01Lease$20,450/yr
814 Honea Egypt, Magnolia, TX2018-06-29Purchase$1,150,000
4830 7th Street, Port Arthur, TX2018-05-31Listing$155,000
15811 FM 149, Montgomery, TX2018-04-25Listing$295,000
841 Crenshaw Rd, Pasadena, TX2018-04-04Listing$595,000
RV Park, Tomball, TX2018-03-28Listing$9,750,000
9902 Franklin Rd, Houston, TX2018-03-26Both$460,000
900 Mohawk, Montgomery, TX2018-02-28Listing$595,000
20715 Cypresswod Dr, Humble, TX2018-02-28Listing$457,000
8505 Technology Forest Pl #404, The Woodlands, TX2018-02-16Lease$35,400/yr
12262 Hwy 105, Conroe, TX2018-01-19Purchase$200,000
1812 Avenue J, Galena Park2018-01-18Purchase$400,000
15811 FM 149, Montgomery, TX2017-11-17Purchase$125,000
11133 I-45, Ste S, Conroe, TX2017-11-01Lease$165,000
4404 Garrow St, Houston, TX2017-10-20Purchase$325,000
10814 E Hardy Rd, Houston2017-09-25Listing$1,160,000
25215 Borough Park Dr, Spring, 773802017-09-25Listing$575,000
Hughes Landing, The Woodlands, TX2017-08-01Lease$1,550,000
11327 Eastex Fwy, Housotn, TX2017-07-31Listing$160,000
15973 Rabon Chapel, Montgomery, TX2017-07-28Listing$860,000
Cypresswood Dr, Harris County2017-07-01Listing$51,750
Cherry St, Harris County2017-06-15Purchase$900,000
1 Acre Edith Ln, Conroe, TX2017-05-31Listing$152,460
FM 1488, Montgomery County2017-04-14Lease$93,000
Hwy 36N, Fort Bend County2017-03-24Purchase$875,000
Scotts Ridge Rd, Montgomery County2017-02-01Listing$179,000
Hwy 105 W, Montgomery County2017-01-01Lease$113,400
Hwy 105 , Montgomery County2016-12-05Lease$47,520
6.5 Acres Farrell Rd, Harris County2016-11-17Listing$795,000
3 Acres Shenandoah Park Dr2016-11-16Listing$1,595,000
Hwy 107, Hidalgo2016-11-01Listing$250,000
1400 Preacher Denson, Cleveland2016-10-24Listing$560,000
Kuykendahl Rd, Harris County2016-10-01Lease$110,000
Airport Rd, Montgomery County2016-09-30Lease$11,900
Mills Branch, Montgomery County2016-06-30Purchase$875,000
Serenity Rose, Montgomery County2016-06-17Purchase$930,000
Blake Rd, Montgomery County2016-05-25Purchase$500,000
6011 Addicks Satsuma, Houston, TX2016-05-20Listing$550,000
Cox Rd, Montgomery County2016-04-01Purchase$175,000
Clarewood Building, Harris County2016-03-24Lease$370,000
11 Acres on Cherry St, Tomball, TX2016-03-15Listing$919,500
E 40th St, Harris County2016-03-01Lease$30,000
E 40th St, Harris County2016-03-01Purchase$130,000
29819 W. Hawthorne, Spring, TX2016-02-06Listing$599,000
Hufsmith-Kohrville, Harris County2016-01-23Purchase$1,250,000
FM 2693, Montgomery County2015-12-23Purchase$3,500,000
731 Shady Stream, Harris County2015-12-22Listing$375,000
Louetta, Harris County2015-12-08Purchase$1,100,000
Katy Mills, Fort Bend County2015-11-30Purchase$1,500,000
Katy Fwy, Fort Bend County2015-11-10Listing$300,000
Grogans Ridge, Montgomery County2015-10-01Lease$73,800
Longenbaugh Dr, Harris County2015-10-01Lease$77,000
3.48 Acres FM 2978, Montgomery County2015-09-04Listing$636,672
FM 1375, Montgomery County2015-08-21Purchase$675,000
Jones Rd, Harris County2015-08-21Purchase$1,100,000
0 Collier Rd, Montgomery County2015-07-27Purchase$360,000
0.14 Acres Glen Loch, Montgomery Co2015-07-15Listing$40,000
Hughes Landing, The Woodlands, TX2015-07-10Lease$202,000
FM 2693, Montgomery County2015-06-24Purchase$700,000
Tate Springs, Arlington County2015-06-19Purchase$570,000
11702 Zuinn street, Houston, TX2015-06-05Listing$324,000
Dairy Ashford, Harris County2015-06-02Purchase$61,740
New Beginnings Church, Harris County2015-05-13Purchase$1,700,000
0 Spring Cypress, Harris County2015-04-08Purchase$1,556,000
Imperial Valley Dr, Harris County2015-03-10Purchase$285,000
4500 Dos Rios, Mason, TX2015-02-27Listing$403,750
16000 Park Ten Place, Houston2015-02-02Listing$320,000
Park Ten Place, Harris County2015-02-02Purchase$133,000
E 40th St, Harris County2015-01-15Lease$121,000
Willow Place North, Harris County2015-01-01Purchase$164,000