We don’t like deals where someone tries to force you into working with them. If it’s not working out both parties should be able to separate from each other with the minimum of hassle.

We personally try not to do business with companies that insist on annual or multi-year contracts. Month-to-month is the way it needs to be at worst. At best, you should be able to terminate your business relationship whenever you want if it is not working out.

So, in our business dealings with you we want to offer you the same kind of arrangement. We call it our No Handcuffs Listings. In fact, we are so proud of the fact that we can offer this type of listing that we are in the process of trademarking it!!

The way it works is that even if we sign a 12-month listing agreement, you are free to terminate it at any time. However, if you terminate it before the end of the term of the listing agreement, we will invoice you for some of our marketing costs.

This invoice typically doesn’t even cover all our expenses. We can easily spend over $700 within the first two weeks of listing a commercial property so our costs are not insignificant and we think it’s only fair that if you will not allow us to recoup our expenses by terminating the listing early, that you cover some of these costs if you were not happy with our service for some reason.