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Top Office Commercial Real Estate Services

The office Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services offered by The Commercial Professionals are supplied by individuals who continuously bring value to their clients. Whether the requirement involves an acquisition, disposition, evaluation, or other service, The Commercial Professionals provide the best resources and systems available to ensure the most cost effective decisions for our clients.

With many years of experience in the broad Houston market as well as The Woodlands sub-market, The Commercial Professionals have the market knowledge and expertise to work with organizations in markets both near and far; and with The Commercial Professionals’s commitment to training and education, our agents bring “Best of Class” service to every project and assignment.

For the office client we can assist in providing commercial lease analysis services that allow one to see, to the penny, which lease space is a better deal. Commercial Lease comparison is not easy… there are too many variables:

  • The two spaces being compared are not the same size
  • The price per square foot is different
  • The one landlord will give you three months free rent and the other one will give you 1 month free rent & pay for your moving costs
  • The one space comes with free parking, the other one you pay towards parking
  • The one lease is a modified gross lease the other is a net lease (if you don’t know the difference, you need us!)
  • The one lease is a three-year lease, the other is a five-year lease

There are more items that we can play with but you get the idea….. if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might not easily be able to figure out which one is the better deal and by how much.

Our transaction experience is diverse. Working with private individuals, public and private companies as well as large REIT’s, The Commercial Professionals have a proven record in the office commercial real estate market.

Remember, it pays to work with a professional!