Property Management

The property management division of The Commercial Professionals specializes in the management and leasing of office, retail, mixed use and industrial projects. Our people have solid experience in the development, re-development, management and leasing of real estate assets ranging from 20,000 sf office and retail properties to 1 million sf regional shopping malls and mixed use projects. Our industry savvy provides an intrinsic value to the client and thus gives us an advantage over our competitors. We also perform a variety of fee based consulting services not normally provided by other traditional commercial property management firms.

Our Clients

We provide management, leasing and consulting services to single and multi-unit branch, retail owners as well as individual / bank / institutional retail, office and industrial owners that require the services of seasoned professionals.

What we do

Always looking for opportunities to add value…The Commercial Professionals provides highly focused, nimble and timely management and leasing services customized to meet the particular needs of each individual client.

The Commercial Professionals administers each individual property with a forward thinking philosophy; that all property disciplines must work in harmony and full communication with each other in order to insure each property is maintained to the fullest of its current and future potential value.

The Commercial Professionals strongly believes that all commercial properties, particularly retail and mixed use properties, are “living and breathing” entities with their own distinct identity.  Each property must constantly and continually evolve in order to serve their respective markets, which themselves are never static.  With this approach in mind…each individual team discipline understands the importance of working together in a team environment to collectively develop a “game plan” of best practices so the value of each individual property is consistently increased throughout its life cycle.

Remember… It pays to work with a professional!

Property Services

  • Property Accounting Functions
  • Budgeting
  • Building Maintenance
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Tenant Relations
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering Services – Renovations and Leasehold Improvements
  • Third Party Contract Negotiation/Administration
  • New Lease and Lease Renewal Administration

“We understand that each property are distinct entities and must be administered as such. We work collectively with each property discipline in order to develop the appropriate strategic “game plan” for each individual property”


We have a strong appreciation for the fact that our tenants are our partners. The Landlord/Tenant relationship extends well beyond the terms contained in the lease. Our leasing team works hard to target and attract the proper fit of retailers, service businesses, and restaurants to our respective markets. We then negotiate lease terms that are in the interest of each party. We have a keen understanding that a prospect that is deemed the “best fit” for a particular property is not always the one that pays the highest rent, but the one who brings additional value that goes beyond the financial return to the owner. In our view… healthy, vibrant, well leased, shopping centers are occupied by a variety of successful, stable businesses that complement each other. They are well received and readily identifiable by the markets in which they operate. These businesses fill existing voids in a particular market and are thus financially rewarded for their willingness to take a business risk.