Well, it had to come eventually…. how to apply today’s technology to all the small office space out there.

This quick primer will show you how to sublease vacant office space that you yourself might have available.

I guess it first kind of started with “www.airbnb.com” that allowed individuals to lease out a bedroom in their home. Then along came “zipcar” (www.zipcar.com) that allowed an individual to lease out their car when they were not using it….

So, sooner or later someone was going to figure out how to apply the same rules to small offices that were lying vacant the world over. These are usually tough to lease out for various reasons:
– they are small, sometimes only 150 sf or maybe even less!
– the leases are in many cases not solid contracts, sometimes a simple verbal agreement
– the lease terms are usually month-to-month and could even be for just a few weeks
– the tenants that lease like this do not always have the best credit ratings

For all of those reasons, the amount of commission that a commercial real estate broker could earn off a deal like this is probably less than $100!

For the amount of effort & costs involved to market a space, they would lose money every time. So, as you might imagine, commercial real estate brokers are definitely NOT chasing this sort of business.

BUT… there is a solution out there now!

Have a look at:
– www.opendesks.com
– www.shareyouroffice.com
– www.sharedbusinessspace.com
– www.sharedoffices.com

There are probably others out there as well but the “sharing economy” is here and you could take part in it by offering that spare office down the hall up to the world out there. You can become your own “Regus”! Regus, a UK company, is one of the largest office suite owners in the world.